Why Startup Bey

We create monetizing startup packages for those who are starting the entrepreneur journey with valuable information guaranteed to grow your business.

Who startup bey is for

  • Those Tired of DIY :(
  • Purchased several courses and still have no clue where to start
  • Instagram Grid all over the place and you have no clue how to organize i
  •  Not Making any sells online
  • Ready to create a brand, sell, and market product or service

Why spend hours on research, services for your customers, and "how to start" when you can get full step-by-step Startup assistance with all the FAQ and information to get you started up with ease! 

Startup Bey Services include

1:1 Premium Consulting - Elite Branding step-by-step Guides answering all the " How to " questions. Where to register business , get logo , build website , private mailing address , phone line and bank accounts . 

E-Book Creator Bey -Idea Formulation of Hottest Trends if you're stuck on " what should I do." Step by step how to pick a service you're good at. Define Who Your Target Audience Is in Niche so you can attract consumers of product or service and where to post services you offer to thousands of clients .-How To Make, sell, and Market products or  services to make money online. Answering all marketing questions such as what is a funnel , opt in , sales page , facebook ad , email marketing , digital marketing ect .


Instagram Creator Bey - For those who are needing a consist theme on feed for more professional appearance. Looking to grow business using digital marketing .

Drop Shipping Creator Bey -

This Service includes a complete set up of automated drop shipping Shopify store + website.

What's Included :
-Beginners guide to drop shipping
- Facebook Ad Strategies
-Hottest Niches to pick from
- A highly converting branded Shopify store
- Niche research
-Sales- boosting apps
-Branded logo
-Private suppliers with shipping times of 8-12 days
- Facebook Ad manager account set up

100% Guaranteed Success Rates

1:1 lifetime Assistance 

Story of Founder 

Do you believe that within each of us is a unique purpose in life, which defines who we are and our contribution to society? Since I discovered my calling to help others, it has formed the blueprint of my entire life leading up to now. From knowing what it's like to be the first person to graduate college in my family to figure out my way to start my business, it takes passion, hard work, resilience, and courage to defy the norm. And thus, my mission was born; to motivate fellow women to realize their vision to create their brands by empowering them with the tools and resources they need. I will be combining my years of knowledge and experience into informative and engaging guides on product formulation.

Together, let us evolve into beautiful, confident, and secure womenpreneurs! Cheers!